My best game as Hanzo in Overwatch

I've been playing way too much overwatch lately. Its been taking up most of my free time and I've taken a liking to Hanzo. He isn't my favorite character, that award goes to Zarya, but Hanzo is my best performing character. For those who don't know, Hanzo is classed as a "Defense" character because he is a sniper. And while we  end up losing this game I'm pretty proud of the few multi-kills I get along with some consistent head shots. Enjoy!

Second Video! Octodad: Deadliest Catch


Okay so it obviously isn’t Monday but I just published my second video in my Modern Monday series. I recorded this video a couple of times because I wasn’t happy with how it turned out. It is hard to stay enthused about something you didn’t really enjoy. I recorded several takes on Wednesday night but I just couldn’t get a good rhythm going. So I came back Thursday afternoon and killed it in one take. Felt great. I had to go to work so i didn’t get a chance to edit it until today. The video is being published on YouTube as I am writing this and it will be featured on my Modern Monday page on this site shortly. I worked pretty hard on this video so I hope you enjoy.


YouTube Link:

Blog Introduction

Hey! If you haven't figured it out already you are on the blog portion of my site. I'm Xception and I run The Gameplay Movement. What is The Gameplay Movement? Well you should check out the Home page here to read up on what i am attempting to do, or check out one of my various YouTube series.

My blog will mostly be where I talk about what is going on in my life and how it impacts my video series. I am currently at University and working a part time job. Making videos and working on this site are a hobby and the other aspects of my life definitely have the priority. If you enjoy my content and want to see more of it feel free to support by following me Twitter, Facebook and most importantly of all Subscribe to my YouTube channel. Anything I receive for my site/YouTube channel will be put directly back into both. If my audience grows I will have to grow with it, but as for now I am just going to keep it simple. 

Check back here every once in a while (I probably will only update this once every week or so depending on what is going on).